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There’s hours and hours of content out there. You don’t have the time to read every book or attend every course out there. So here’s what we’ve done. A library of the key info, training from experts in different areas. And summaries of books educating you on personal development, habits, meditation, societal issues, etc.

Concise nuggets of information

We all know reading & self improvement is important. But most people waste time focusing on learning to read faster, or attending more courses. There’s so much information out there, and it’s not all created equal. The Hive Library contains the key bitesized information you need.

Learn anywhere

Everything you need is online. It’s mobile friendly. You can download the mp3 versions of lessons or summaries of books. Each one even has a cool sketchnote infographic to help you learn visually too.

Built By Members for Members

Something missing? Something you want to learn and could use help with? You decide what we add to the library, so just pop us a request and we’ll get it sorted. We’ve also got a load of content from the top leaders we coach, so you can learn from their decades of experience too.

New content every week

The best time to join is now. We’re adding new content every single week. What would that journey be worth to you? What could you achieve with the free time & added knowledge you’d gain?

Support Our Social Mission

We’re a social enterprise. That means everytime you buy any of our services or products, you’re helping us to run workshops for young people on life skills. We want to teach them things school/college/university might not, so they can become informed, and make a real difference.

"People happily pay £8+ for things like Netflix & Amazon Prime.
But what do you get at the end of it? How does it benefit you 6 months later?
Entertainment is important but are you spending the same on your education? For this small price, the amount you’ll get in return is massive.
Easily worth it."

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GROW Your Goals Coaching Audiobook

Feeling overwhelmed? Need to get your life back on track and planned out? We’ve created a powerful online coaching program for you to help with exactly that. In 30 mins, you’ll experience the power of coaching so that you’re crystal clear on exactly what you want to achieve. Multiple ways of making it happen. And a step by step gameplan to executing your ideas.

Motivational Audios & Mixtape

You know those motivational videos on YouTube with the awesome music in the background? Yeah, we made a bunch of our own. And also found links to the best ones, so you don’t have to spend time finding them.

After the 30 days, it's only $14.99 per month for access to all this content, and all new content we add in the future.

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