The Revolution Hive


An elite group for the highly committed & super ambitious.

Imagine a community of the most ambitious and hungry leaders on the planet.

Imagine being surrounded by a group of action takers & leaders who are passionate about being at the top of their game.

Imagine bringing these people together for an entire year, and challenging, inspiring, sharing with each other.

The environment you choose to place yourself in is such a key factor in your development.

This group is very small, and full of SENSATIONAL quality.

Live Weekly Mastermind Calls

What went well this week? What could you improve? Did you complete this weeks goals? Why? Why not?

Every single week we speak on a group call. We share accountability, ideas, learnings and more to keep you going further than ever before.

"I’ve grown so, so much. You can’t trade this for money."


We pay attention to your routine. Where are you losing focus? What are the patterns?

What you measure you manage, so we track your habits and help you create better ones. Every week you receive a personalised report on your routine telling you what is working & what isn't.

Don't Do Things Alone

The group is here to support you 24/7. Share how your day is going, get support before an important event and benefit from having an elite group at your fingertips any time you need.

We have created a private members area just for you so if you can't make a call or need to refresh your memory on something, it's all there.

"I’m creating new dreams I couldn’t have possibly imagined."

Speed Up Your Development

Nourish your mind with exclusive seminars, guest interviews, in our private library.

You can also find audio coaching programs to help you get clear everyday on what is most important and how you can accomplish tasks faster and more effectively.

All of which is simple and straight to the point.

A Community of Elite Leaders

We also organise regular meet ups so you can spend a day connecting with everyone in person, receive live training from Keshav Bhatt & other members and experience massive breakthroughs in your life.

Oh and of course, they are super fun, and followed by a great big epic meal!

The mastermind opens for invites once a year and is now open for applications.

Please note that this group is not for everyone, we are only looking for those people who are genuinely committed to taking action & responsibility for creating changes in their lives over a period of time.

There are no quick fixes, we want people who are committed to the process.

Interested in joining?

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