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civic leadership, coaching & performance workshops.

A media focused on fear & sensationalism instead of good, accurate news. Climate change. Food wastage. Breaking bad habits. Figuring out the right career path.

There’s so many challenges young people face today. And will be dealing with for many years to come.

Where do they go to inform themselves & learn these things - that aren’t covered in formal education curriculums?

Our work funds an important social mission. We want to empower our generation to take responsibility for dealing with the biggest challenges facing society in the 21st century.

We do this by designing & delivering workshops on things young people need to know & learn about. Here’s a few examples:

  • Challenging Celebrity Culture & Influence of Mass media
  • Financial Education & Building Real Wealth
  • Gender Stereotypes & Equality
  • Mental Wellbeing

Our sessions are delivered through a range of activities and tasks that encourage movement, blue sky thinking and personal reflection. Here’s how we do this:

Making it as fun as possible

Some of these topics are heavy. Try engaging 100 Year 10 boys in a meaningful discussion about gender equality or media bias. We make sure these workshops are all fun. Issues and ideas are explored through activities that get them moving around and learning by doing.

Questioning not preaching

We’re not there to tell them what to think, but learn how to do it for themselves. After breaking down the topic - let's say it's politics and why it matters - we help young people challenge, navigate and form their own ideas. It's crucial they explore where their opinions stem from and what affect they can have on others and the world around us in the context of becoming social reformers.

Relating back to real-world

We all know the big issues and challenges we face, but what’s missing is reflecting on the impact and relevance on our own lives. Our workshops help participants understand the bigger picture. Whether it's by using facts, stories, speeches, statistics or visual aids, we help them experience the scale of a problem so it really hits home.

Action planning

“OK so you learned a lot. What are you going to do now, as a result?” We make sure every single young person in the room leaves with certainty about what they are going to do based on what they learned. We build this into our workshops, and make sure there is tangible action they are motivated and willing to take going forwards. The world needs more intelligent civic minded action takers.

Consistent Quality

Quality is massively important to us when delivering these workshops. From making sure we’re wearing cool Revolution Hive t-shirts to having the best presentations, activities and facilitation. We make sure that we deliver a high standard in every area.

Interested in hearing more or getting involved? We’re expanding. The next phase of these social reformer workshops starts in September 2016. We would love your help & support.

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