Thanks Page

There’s so many people who helped us get where we are today and continue to grow.

This is a little space we made to honour them and their gifts.

It’s obviously not possible to fit everyone here, but here are some of our biggest helpers over the years.


Shane Heyworth & the team at Blacktie: For believing in our brand and taking such time and care to understand it all and from there, find the best way to present it to the world.

Nishil Nathwani & the team at Spray Marketing: For helping us build our second website and refresh our SEO and marketing. Saved us a lot of expenses and time figuring things out ourselves

Dave Lane: For mentoring us and helping us grow the business from a one man company to a SME Social enterprise

Katy Baker & the UpRising Brum team: For giving us an office space to work from in central Birmingham and all the advice, collabs, tips and fun times!



Ketan Makwana & Chelsey Baker: My mentors at the very beginning who invested their time in helping me get going and learn to think more as a business owner and not a volunteer.

Birju Tailor: For lending his expertise & time in video production again and again.

Moksha & the team at Bhatt & Co: For helping us navigate the confusion of accounting at the beginning we felt and get all our paperwork in on time.

Matthew Green: For helping with our very very first pilot and research and thinking through what problem we were solving for people. And how best to prove and demonstrate that.

Start Up Loans & New Enterprise Allowance: The UK government gave us a little bit of money to get going. It helped a lot!

Aruna & Vijay Bhatt: My parents. Who invested in my first coaching training programs that cost tens of thousands of pounds. They didn’t understand exactly what it was, how it would help me make a living but spent their savings and took a risk at my request anyway. And also allowed for me to work from my bedroom countless times when getting the business started. So much more too that would never fit here.


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