We are Revolution Hive!

We empower today's youth with an education for real life

We are a nationally renowned social enterprise that motivates & equips students for life beyond the classroom by teaching vital topics not covered in formal education.

Our Work

We have worked with over 22,000 young people since we formed in 2016

We have delivered workshops in over 100 UK schools and universities!

We consistently increase student’s motivation to learn by min. 30%

Student engagement with their wider communities has raised by avg. 25%

What we do

We deliver powerful PSHE education!

With our Personal, Social and Global programmes, we have become the trusted experts used by schools to achieve 2 key objectives:

  1. Increase students' self motivation & aspirations, especially when they are coasting, underperforming or not fully engaged.

  2. Developing students into leaders with the social & emotional skills needed to be prepared for a successful life.

I am a...

Young person, Pupil or Student

I am a...

Teacher or leader working with young people

I am a...

Parent or Carer