Our Programmes

All of our workshops and programmes increase pupil motivation and aspiration.

We call our core curriculum of workshops 'PSG' as we cover Personal Development, Social Leadership and Global Citizenship. We have other specialist programmes - info below.

Core 'PSG' Curriculum

Core Beliefs and Raising Aspirations

This is our flagship programme, requiring 1 full day for delivery

This has most often been delivered to a full year group, where 5+ members of our team work with a class each for the full day.

The programme sees pupils go through a scientifically-backed process of exploring:

  • How they show up and what limits their personal progress

  • Building core confidence

  • Creating a clear vision for the future

  • Developing habits and behaviours to see them sustain long-term achievement

Career Creators

Increasing academic engagement and improving pupils' experience of education through careers

This programme revolutionises the way pupils are taught and receive Careers Education. The programme incorporates Social Leadership and Entrepreneurship in a way that not only ensures they develop key professional skills, but empowers them to take ownership over their career journey.

Career Creators starts with a launch event that will take place at the offices of one of our corporate partners, then we run 10 weekly workshops at your school that are shown to help you with:

  • Improving pupil behaviour and attitude towards learning

  • Demonstrating personal development of pupils

  • Achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks

  • Increasing Social Mobility and Cultural Capital in pupils

Gamified Critical Thinking Programme

Young people often (always?) claim that the "stuff" they learn in school isn't easily connected to the real world.

The Gamified Critical Thinking programme turns classroom lessons into themed events that will:

  • Increase pupils' resilience using problems and puzzles that must be solved in teams.

  • Equips teachers with knowledge and skills that allow them to transform classrooms and innovate in lesson planning.

  • Develop a success-focused culture across your school as a result of friendly competition.

Tackling Mental Health: The Whole School Approach

Our Revolution Hive Fellow, Jasmine, has pioneered a new approach to mental health, tailored to the ever-growing needs of pupils in the modern day.

This programme gives pupils the spaces to:

  • Reflect on their personal psychology

  • Manage stress and improve their mood

  • Develop the ability to be happy, healthy and productive.