Welcome to Revolution Hive

Equipping young people for life beyond the classroom

Who we are

Why we exist

Revolution Hive was founded to equip students with the skills, knowledge and agency to live meaningful, thriving lives. With our pedagogical innovations and critically conscious curriculums, ever-evolving to meet the needs of the changing world, Revolution Hive's programmes are like no other.

What we do

We work with schools, universities and alternative educational settings across the UK in predominantly marginalised and under-served communities to deliver bespoke learning experiences. To date, we have taught over 22,000 youths vital #LessonsForLife, and our vision is for every young person to have access to this kind of learning. Join us in our education revolution.

Our Education Principles

We believe that education is effective when these 5 E's are being met:


Education should equip pupils for a life of independence and to become active citizens.


Education should elevate the aspirations of pupils so they strive for their own success.


Education should empower pupils to have agency in their lives & to shape the society they live.in.


Education should engage pupils so they are encouraged to be lifelong learners.


Education should be an equaliser, helping less privileged pupils to thrive in adulthood.

Our Team

Our Leadership

Our executive leadership team is composed of visionary leaders who bring a wealth of experiences and expertise to the youth and education sectors. They are passionate about creating opportunities for young people and transforming lives through education, empowerment, and support.

Keshav Bhatt

Founder and CEO

Keshav is passionate about education - about helping create more well rounded, critically thinking leaders & change makers in society. He founded Revolution Hive in 2012, and helped develop it into a renowned national social enterprise that has impacted over 10,000 young people through our transformative workshops.Away from Revolution Hive, Keshav is a content creator,  a certified & accredited life coach working with organisational leaders and an aspiring author-to-be.He has featured on TEDx, Huffington Post, Zee TV, Metro, Sky News and more, and his YouTube videos have amassed 6.5 million total views on topics like mental health, healing from trauma, productivity, self discipline and more.

Louis Howell

Director of Business Development

Louis Howell is a dynamic and rounded professional with experience that pans the voluntary youth sector, education sector and the world of small business. Louis’ experience has also led to him setting up an expert consultancy, 7PK, that helps charities, social enterprises and corporate organisations to improve their approaches to Youth and Community Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and their Social Mobility Initiatives.His other commitments include being a trustee and council member of two UK based charities, and he is a proud member of the 100 Black Men of London. Louis’ central belief is that young people are the leaders of today.

Ishani Parekh

Director, Education & Programmes

Ishani’s passion for holistic education and tackling systemic inequalities began at a young age through her own experiences of schooling, and has since taken her around the globe. After training and working as a secondary school English teacher on Teach First, Ishani worked as an education consultant & facilitator for various organisations, such as the The Old Vic Theatre, Shakespeare Schools Foundation, and the British Council. Ishani recently graduated from Harvard's School of Education with an M.A. in Education Policy.

Aman Grover

Operations Lead

Aman is driven by creating social change in his communities through education. He leads on programme operations, communications and facilitator training. He is also an expert in climate change and sustainability, working with public policy to empower sustainable behaviours and raise awareness of the climate emergency. As a motivational speaker and spoken-word poet, Aman has extensive interdisciplinary experience across creative sectors, and enjoys speaking on panel engagements, podcasts and coaching and mentoring young people.

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators are all young adults from diverse backgrounds, who grappled with the same challenges faced by the young people we deliver our sessions to. The aim is for these inspiring young role models to get across the key messages no one else can, whilst facilitating key conversations about the real world that open up honest dialogue & transformation. Here's a bit about them:

Jonas Andrew-Phillip

Educator, Entertainer & Entrepreneur

Facilitator Experience: 3 years

Expertise: Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Social Media and Personal Branding

Interests: Podcast Host, Content creation, Public Speaking

Jasmine Khan

Journalist, Public Speaker and Mental Health Advocate

Facilitator Experience: 4+ years

Expertise: Mental Health, Psychological & Emotional Well-being, Community Action

Interests: Music, Basketball, Yoga

Jessica Okwuonu

Youth Development Leader

Facilitator Experience: 2+ year

Expertise: Social Justice, Community Activism, Self Care, Goal Setting

Interests: Building robots, exploring Artificial Intelligence and Crafts

Naomi Howell

Education & Child Development

Facilitator Experience: 3-4 years

Expertise: Sex & Relationships Education, Overcoming Fear, Self Confidence

Interests: Podcast Host, Make-up and Fashion content creator, Performing Arts

Reyah Stephen

Entrepreneur, Content Creator and Motivational Speaker

Facilitator Experience: 2+ year/s

Expertise: Motivation, Goal Setting, Mental Health

Interests: E-Commerce, Writing, Psychology, Music

Daniella De Los Rios

Youth Services, Media and Coaching

Facilitator Experience: 3+ years

Expertise: Performing Arts, Body Image, Creating Communities, Self Confidence

Interests: Community Leadership, Creative industries,